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8 Secrets to Keep Your Kids Heathy This Winter

Kids are in a continuous risk of many diseases like dreaded kids’ coughs and sniffles. However, healthy food can really help you keep your kids heathy this winter. But, kids hate healthy food, so you might need to do some tricks. Here, we will give you the top secrets to keep your kids heathy this winter, especially with healthy food and without medicines.


8 Secrets to keep your kids heathy this winter:

1- Provide your kids with healthy lunchbox  fruit and veg)
Add some fruits and vegetables to your kids’ lunch box like orange, mandarin, bananas, kiwi, carrot, celery, etc.

2- Feed them a lot of soap
Flu-fighting antioxidants which are found in food, increases with cooking so a soap full of carrots, tomatoes, red capsicum, pumpkin, ginger soup, etc. is so healthy

3- Use cheese
Use cheese sauce with veggies to make your children love eating them. Make sure to keep the most of the nutrients of veggies, so don’t overcook them.

4- Embrace taties
Potatoes are a whole food which are so useful for your kids, they provide your body with a good amount of vitamins C and B6.

5- Add veggies everywhere
Whatever you are cooking (rice, spaggetti…) make sure to add vegetables like onions, tomatoes, garlic, capsicum, carrots, zucchini and mushrooms inside the plate or on the top.

6- Let them serve themselves
On the table, put many kinds of sauces, appetizers, juices, etc. to give your kid different, healthy choices, and let them choose what they like.

7- Set under the sunlight for vitamin D
We all know that sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D so sitting outside is so important especially at winter when seeing sun is rare.


8- Herbal teas

We all know the benefits of hot, herbal tea like ginger, mint, etc.. Your kids might like them and they will help him a lot.

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