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A joint European-Japanese mission plans to discover Mercury

NASA had previously sent a mission to study the planet Mercury, and the mission took a number of images showing some of the puzzling nozzles on the surface.

A joint European-Japanese mission called “Baby Colombo” is now going to Mercury, one of the most mysterious solar planets, to reveal more secrets about the planet.

One of the scientists at the German Aerospace Center that the mission of Baby Colombo is very important to know more accurately on the planet Mercury, since the NASA mission that visited the planet Mercury in the past have taken pictures of the northern part of the planet only, while the European- Japanese mission is concerned to explore the Southern part of the planet.

There are many things to check because Mercury’s evolution does not correspond to what scientists know about the evolution of planets in general.

The European-Japanese mission contains two probes, one belonging to the European Agency and another to the Japanese Agency. The two probes are expected to swim in space for seven years and pass through the flower and sun before reaching the orbit of Mercury. This is a quick trip by space standards!

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