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An integrated diet for healthy and healthy body

A diet known as a time diet developed by a French doctor has been popularized to get healthy food to protect the body and keep the specter of obesity away. This system is one of the easiest ways to consume food at a time that benefits the body and facilitates the absorption of food does not store it. It is remarkable that this nutrition respects the rhythm of everyone, where the principle of eating a heavy meal in the morning, dense back, sweet afternoon, and a very light meal in the evening. In a timely diet, it is not necessary to miss breakfast, eat food hastily, do not eat too much in the evening, and it is necessary to exclude processed foods, diluted or low-fat, as a very cunning body, it does not actually feed it, but urges the pancreas to ask more Of sugar. Here, it must be noted that enzymatic and hormonal secretions – the cycle of vigilance or drowsiness – vary and vary from time to time.

As for the preferred meals to be taken when adopting this system, it is recommended to adopt the following:

It is always recommended to eat breakfast early before 8 am or after an hour of waking time. It is always preferable to rely on a poor or sugar-free meal to avoid fluctuations in the rate of diabetes in the blood. Therefore, you should drink tea or light coffee (without sugar) and eat bread, cheese and a little olive. These complex gluids and these saturated fats provide enough energy that allows for active and effective morning release without fatigue or hunger at the end of the morning. Beware of any source of sugars, whether juice or jam or biscuits, it will raise the rate of diabetes in the blood, and thus feeling the sudden fatigue spell at the eleventh hour, which corrupts the metabolism of proteins and fats. It is preferred to reduce the intake of milk and its derivatives because it is difficult to digest and easy to store as well as being hindered digestion of meat later during the day.

the lunch:

It is recommended to eat a lunch – nutritious and easy to digest – after 4 to 6 hours on breakfast. The most suitable dish for the food is to contain red or white meat, starches without bread, green salad, meat macaroni, couscous, broccoli or meatballs, sausages or chicken with potato porridge and vegetables … All these dishes have a place during a break Food.

Meal meal:

This meal doubles the body’s energy to complete the day actively and fill the hunger until the date of dinner. It is recommended to eat this meal after 5 hours of eating food not earlier. Therefore, you should include vegetarian food (30 g black chocolate, a handful of oily fruits: almonds, walnuts, a handful of olives, a small piece of avocado), a piece of fruit or fruit food (4 tbsp) Of fresh fruit cut into cubes without bananas, a handful of dried fruits, 25 cm of fresh fruit juice, 3 tablespoons of comport, 2 tablespoons of jam or honey).

the Dinner :

It should be noted that the main purpose of eating light and healthy dinner is that the body discharges the thermal units and rebuild the cells rather than storage. As for the preferred foods to eat: marine fruits, cooked or raw vegetables, spiced with vinegar or sour, while avoiding the soup soup to be a double salt. If you are not a lady of fish, replace it with white faily meat or white. It is worth noting that if you want to miss this dinner, take a full piece of bread the next morning, during breakfast, to ensure sufficient amount of digestible fiber.

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