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British Labor Party chairman Jeremy Corbin: I’m not anti-Semitic

British Labor Party chairman Jeremy Corbin: I’m not anti-Semitic
British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbin refused to compare him with former right-wing Conservative MP Enoch Powell about being anti-Semitic.

In his interview with the BBC on Sunday, Corbin commented on the former chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, in a television interview. The latter said that Corbin was “very dangerous” like Enoch Powell, because of his statements about Zionism and his failure to deal With anti-Semitism in the party.

Corbin also strongly denied that he was anti-Semitic: “Not at all, I have spent my entire life the best of racism in all its forms.” “I find her (Sacks’ comments) very offensive and aggressive, and I tell Rabbi Sachs, with all due respect, that he has gone too far,” he said.

“Pockets” of anti-Semitism ..
Corbin, a longtime supporter of the Palestinian cause, has been accused of anti-Semitism for months and is unable to deal with the issue within the British Labor Party.

Corbin responded by holding meetings with leaders of the Jewish community, and reiterated to the Jews that they were welcome in the party and had previously apologized for what he described as “pockets” of anti-Semitism in his party.

Treat Israel like any other country.
At a meeting of the National Labor Committee of the Labor Party earlier this month, the party adopted an internationally recognized definition of anti-Semitism, and Corbin suggested that the meeting also endorse a statement explaining what criticisms are acceptable to Israel.

“Treating Israel like any other country or evaluating its conduct against the norms of international law can not be considered racist,” Corbin said.

“Israel’s characterization, policies or circumstances surrounding its institutions, such as racial discrimination, should not be considered an anti-Semitic act.”

Arab legislators in Israel support British opposition leader Jeremy Corbin
Did Jeremy Corbin lie or believe it?
Asked if the establishment of the State of Israel was racist, he replied: “No,” but added: “I think it is right that people can discuss the establishment of the State of Israel.”

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