Driverless Cars: FIVE A Vs Others

Many firms around the world are racing to be the number one in developing the best driverless cars, but can Stan Boland, founder and chief executive of UK driverless car company Five AI, be the best and beat the American and Chinese cash?


The answer is easy, there might be a chance.
Five AI company is moving quickly to design a driverless car that can drive on the road without any human driver. Things are still under tests on roads of south London, but everyone is optimistic.


FIVE AI Vs Others

Five AI is just a start-up company challenging huge companies in USA and China like US giants Google, Uber and Tesla. Fundings of Five AI for developing driverless cars are negligible ($38m) compared to  Google (invested more than $1.1bn on between 2009 and 2015).

Additionally, Five AI a small number of employees is just 120 worker while Uber’s self-driving arm has 2 thousands and Waymo has 3,500 worker.

Actually, words cannot post a comparison between Mr Boland and his team  and his American and Chinese rivals, but his ambitions to be the top one to develop the best driverless cars in the world seem serious.

However, Mr Boland has another opinion. This man is realistic and he knows the competition which he is trying to win, but he really sees this project as “a gamble”. He believes that his company and professional team worths tens of billions, and with focused efforts, he will reach his goal and change the way cities operate.

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