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European Commission sues Poland over judicial reforms

European Commission sues Poland over judicial reforms

The European Commission on Monday lodged a complaint against Poland before European courts, claiming that reform of the country’s Supreme Court violates the independence of the Polish judicial system.
Poland’s ruling party is seeking to reduce the age of its judges from 70 to 65, which could expose some judges to expulsion.

“Is not consistent with the law of the Union” ..
In a justification for its appeal to the Court of Justice of the Federation, the Commission said that Polish law on the Supreme Court “is not in conformity with the law of the Union”.

“UNHCR believes that the continued application of the pension system under the new law will cause irreparable damage,” said Mina Andreeva, spokeswoman for the European Commission’s vice president.

“This is why the Commission will ask the Court to take interim measures to suspend the application of the provisions to the pension system, secondly to ensure that judges affected by the new law continue to exercise their full judicial functions and thirdly to suspend the appointment of new judges to the posts of retired judges Time “.

The government will go ahead
On the other hand, the leader of the Polish ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, stressed that the government of his country will proceed with the implementation of reforms.

“We have reformed the Polish judicial system because hatred towards our country is one of the diseases that have affected some judges, which led to bad luck,” he said.

“I’ve always dealt with this as prime minister a few years ago,” he said.

“Final decision”
The Commission has filed its complaint with the request for “provisional measures to restore the Polish Supreme Court to its pre-April 3, 2018 date of adoption of the new legislation.”

It also asked the European Court to take a “quick action” that would allow for a “final decision as soon as possible”.

She stressed that the reform “threatens to force 27 of the judges of the Supreme Court of 72 to retire,” stressing that “Polish law on the Supreme Court is inconsistent with the law of the Union as it violates the principle of independence of the judiciary.”

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