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European Council summit: Would It Be The Day of Surprises

Almost everyone here and in the world is waiting the Brexit. Analysts believe that the decisions that will be taken in the Brexit will change the framework of the political situations in Europe; however, nothing is certain yet.


There are less than 200 days until Brexit, and the leaders are gathering. After stopping all the talks last weekend, EU27 leaders will eventually start a summit in Brussels on Wednesday.

The EU27 leaders, the other countries (authorities and citizens) and everyone else are asking the vital question and wondering about the deals and agreements between UK and EU.


Although the European Council President Donald Tusk said before in his summit invitation letter that there he doesn’t see any deal coming now and even “more likely than ever before”, some analysts still think that there is a chance that the UK and EU arrive at an all-encompassing deal.


Additionally, when the British PM Theresa May’s statement arrived at the summit, she said that they believe that most of the issues are already solved in the withdrawal agreement, and the important question here is related to the European Union’s attitude about the Northern Irish backstop, and not just about the UK interests.

Furthermore, Migration, the internal security and the cybersecurity will all be discussed on Thursday.

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