Google Set The Freedom for Android-device Firms

Finally, after years of restrictions, google decided to end the ban imposed before on the manufacturers who make devices powered by alternative versions of the operating system. Such devices like phones and tablets will witness a big change after the new decision.


This restrictions are stopped after a clash with the EU and is applied on devices powered by operating systems other than Google, as well as the devices featuring Google’s own apps and Play Store.

With the new rules, some devices like smartphones and tablets are allowed to be sold without pre-installing chrome and Google search, they will also allow to install some of its services if they don’t need them all. Thus Android devices can have the chance to be free and open-source again.

However, the unban doesn’t eliminate Google’s appealing against a related €4.3bn (£3.8bn) fine.

Previously, the US company used Android to enhance its position in search in an illegal way. As a result, the penalty was announced in July by the European Commission.

The new changes are announced by Google in a blog, where they declared that new arrangements will be applied on 29 October on all devices shipped to the European Economic Area (EEA).

Notice that the EEA includes Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, and EU only

However, the executive Hiroshi Lockheimer said that a new paid licensing agreement will be applied on smartphones and tablets shipped into the EEA, since the pre-installation of chrome, Google Search as well as other applications played a major role in funding the development and free distribution of Android.

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