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Is Philip Morris and Marlboro Really Promoting Anti-smoking Products?

A big campaign including anti-smoking ads was made by Philip Morris, the Marlboro maker. However, his chivalrous attitude was faced by accusing him to be decieving the new laws which ban any smoking ads.


The campaign was launched in a four-page  in the Daily Mirror which claimed later on that it was glad to back such a campaign of anti-smoking ads. They added that the aim of the campaign is to encourage smokers to try some healthier alternatives which is a good thing though they were surprised too that it was created by Philip Morris Ltd. However, they believe in Phillip’s good intentions.



What does the Cancer Research UK’s tobacco policy manager Say about these Anti-smoking ads?


On the other hand, many organizations like Cancer Research UK accused the Marlboro maker of “staggering hypocrisy” over the campaign which encourages the people to stop smoking by promoting its own alternatives like heated tobacco.


According to these accusations, if Philip Morris really wanted to help people quit, he would have stopped making cigarettes as a first step.

So to turn around the rules of banning smoking ads in the country, he Morris is promoting the products of a company related to Marlboro.

Peter Nixon said ‘It takes time’


To face the above accusations, and answer the question about why they don’t stop making cigarettes and focus on alternative products only, the firm’s managing director Peter Nixon said that it takes time to help smokers to quit and get to [smoke-free].

He also added that they spent more than £4bn on these l alternative products to cigarettes.

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