Liverpool kill the French club in the lost time with the participation of Salah in the Champions League

Liverpool opened their new season in the Champions League with a thrilling 3-2 victory over Paris St Germain on Tuesday.

St Germain were the visitors to Liverpool in the first group stage of the Champions League.

The game saw the participation of our Egyptian star Mohammed Salah from the start until the 84th minute.

Salah scored a goal that the referee refused to count, while making a wrong pass in the second goal of the French team.

Daniel Sturridge, James Milner and Roberto Fermino scored in the 30th, 36th and 93rd minutes, and Thomas Monnet and Cillian Mbabi scored the visitors’ lead in the 40th and 83rd minutes.

Liverpool were top of the group with three points, taking advantage of Napoli’s negative side-netting of Starr Belgrade.

The excitement from the start

The first risk was Vergil Van Dyck, who had a cross from James Milner with a shot from St. Germain goalkeeper Alphonse Ariola.

Millet then hit a powerful ball in the seventh minute.

Salah almost opened the scoring in the 10th minute with a sly corner kick that would almost have entered the goal without the brilliance of the French goalkeeper.

The first danger of San Germain came in the 17th minute, when Brazilian Neymar fired a strong shot addressed to his compatriot Allison Baker, and passed the ball safely on the Reds after a weak shot from Edison Cavani.

The game calmed down to 30 minutes when the city of Liverpool was shaken by the header of Daniel Sturridge, who met Andy Robertson’s spectacular cross and settled in the Parisian net.
Saint-Germain tried to react quickly with a powerful shot from Cillian Mbabi, who was on the crossbar, with Thomas Thoichle trying to get out of the line.

But Liverpool hit hard when he got the right penalty from Milner successfully nine minutes from the end of the first half.

Thomas Mounier responded by reducing the lead in the 40th minute. A shot from inside the box gave Alison a shot.
The last minutes of the first half, the first minutes of the second game run quiet.

Salah scored a goal but the referee did not charge him because of Struidj’s injury to Arroyola.
Sturridge almost repeated his goal, but his weak header went into the hands of the keeper of the St Germain in the 61st minute.

Juergen Klopp replaced Sturridge and forced Fermino into the lead as Salah hit a ball past the post.

Salah and Mani exchanged the ball before the Senegalese fired the ball from a narrow angle instead of passing it to the Egyptian who was in a better position.

The Egyptian international played the wrong ball and went to Julian Draxler and from there to Neymar, who broke through Liverpool’s defense and reached the ball to Mbabi, who successfully beat Alison in the 83rd minute.
Liverpool tried to grab the three points with a shot by Trent Alexander-Arnold, who hit the crossbar 3 minutes before the end of the game.

Liverpool managed to reach a goal when Fermino took off his compatriot Marcinius and fired a shot in the second minute of stoppage time.

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