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Mexico offers works permits for the migrants


Work permits are finally offered by Mexico to the migrants who have registered before for asylum. This is a huge caravan of migrants from Central America moving through Mexico towards the United States. The migrants didn’t get only work permits. They will get also temporary schooling for the children, ID cards for the adults, housing in the local hotels and medical care.

In the US the issue is not so easy and the president warned the migrants in the caravan. He said that he can bring out the military to stop them and send the migrants back to the US-Mexico borders. On the other side, the migrants escaping from violence, persecution, and poverty in their countries, are insisting on completing their journey to the end. Most of them are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and this made the US president Donald Trump threatened to stop sending the aids to those countries.

For those migrants to get work permits and a perfect life in the US there is only one legal obligation beneath the international law. They should be leaving their home countries due to serious violence and domestic abuse, and in this case, they will be refugees. If the migrant seeks asylum because of real fear, he can enter the US legally.

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