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Miracle Baby Is Celebrating Her First Year, No Stoppages Anymore

Lacey Sheriff, the Miracle baby, had survived after her heart stopped for almost 22 minutes. Her parents, Louise, 39, and Philip, 41, who live in Ashford, Middlesex, understood the risks of the surgery and that their baby is unwell, but they hanged on with hope.

At 27 weeks only, little Lacey was born. She was so small weighing 1.4lb (635g) and having some health problems.


She needed to undergo an emergency surgery where she had two cardiac arrests when she was only five days old.

The Birth of The Miracle Baby

The mother gave birth to Lacey at emergency Caesarean section at St Peter’s Hospital, but the baby girl was suffering from severe bowel condition called necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), so they had to transfer her after five days to St George’s.


For a parents of a sick five days’ kid undergoing a surgery, they were prepared for the worst, especially when her heart stopped beating for 12 minutes. Before being comfortable that her hearts continued beating again after this stoppage and everything return normal, it stopped again for another 10 minutes.


However, their daughter survived, but she had to stay for four months in the hospital to get better. She was really a miracle baby


Today, Lacey is celebrating her first year with the family because of the staff’s efforts at St George’s who never gave up and rescued the baby.

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