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Recreational Marijuana in Canada is Legal Now

On Wednesday, the news which more than 50% of citizens in Canada were waiting for, has been finally announced: recreational marijuana in Canada is legal now.

Nikki Rose and Ian Power (the Canadian people in the picture) were the first two people who bought legal cannabis exactly at 2:30 GMT on the eastern island of Newfoundland amid queues of hundreds of people.

With this news, we have now two countries where recreational cannabis is allowed, Uruguay( in 2001) and Canada.

Now after being legal, can the police forces do something for people taking it while driving, and waht about people who are prisoned for using and selling marijuana?The answers for these and others related questions are still unknown.

With the legal recreational marijuana in Canada, analysts made some researches and found that in the first year, especially since the marketplace is small, the country will suffer from a shortage of recreational marijuana, then by time things will become better as it will continues to ramp up to meet demand.

Next spring, retail stores which sell recreational marijuana in Canada will open, and till then, the Canadians are allowed to order cannabis online.

Since this day, recreational marijuana in Canada is legal in Canada, but no one can predict how this new framework will change the country, the people and the goals. We just hope that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  is not destroying a country by legalizing this drug…q

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