Spanish authorities issue a law banning the electric scooter on the side of the road

While the Spanish capital of Madrid suffers from high levels of pollution to unprecedented levels since 2017, the Spanish government has taken a number of stringent measures to reduce the problem by adopting transport methods that do not rely on burning fuel that causes harmful emissions that lead to Environmental Pollution.

Lime, the producer of clean and environmentally friendly transportation, has flooded the European market with thousands of electronic bicycles, with expectations of increased demand frantically.

But the authorities in Madrid surprised everyone by issuing a new law on October 24 that prevents the running of scooters on the side of the road.

In response to a question about why the law was passed, the spokesman said that the government had been concerned about the increasing demand for electric scooters that could pose a danger to pedestrians who walk on the side of the road. And that this law would limit possible incidents that may be experienced by pedestrians while walking.

There are many models of electric scooter and it is equipped with “gyroscope sensors”, and these sensors facilitate balance control while driving, and thus provide easier and more enjoyable driving.

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