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Doctors Must Earlier Start Conversation About Dying With Patients

At a certain point, the percentage of death for some patients increases, and their death is certain. However, some doctors don’t tell them the truth and wait till the last few days, or they telp the family to tell the patient. That’s wrong, doctors must start conversation about dying earlier with patients.

Let’s start with a fact that if the doctor thinks that his patient has few months to live, then he is 90% sure and it will happen. So, why must he wait a long time to tell the patient? It is better to start the conversation as earlier as possible. However, asking one if his relatives to start conversation about dying and tell him is not good at all, as no one can give the idea in a better way than the doctor.

The problem lies in how to start conversation about dying with the patient? Some doctors just say it without introductions, others prefer to tell the patient while he is alone.


The best way to start conversation about dying


The best way start conversation about dying is to gather his family to ensure giving him the support he needs, and tell them the truth. Then the doctor have to tell him what he have to do to make this period as comfortable as possible or longer if there is a chance. The doctor must talk also about the role of the family in supporting him.

We all understand that these conversations are difficult and nothing can make it easier, but doctors must get better at having difficult conversations.

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