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Suddenly Hannah Jenkins Couldn’t Talk English

Hannah Jenkins opened her eyes oneday to find herself in the hospital, she tried to communicate but couldn’t say any english word.


The story starts when Hannah was cycling through a park near their home. She was surprised with another cyclist and made an accident.


The cyclist saw her bleeding on the ground, so he called the emergency services who took her to the nearest hospital.

Hannah Jenkins Couldn’t Talk English Again


They identified her from the items in her wallet, and tried to talk to her but she couldn’t understand anything. She actually forgot everything about the accident as well as her ability to talk or understand English.


They couldn’t communicate with her till he sister called her and talked with her in German.


According to what happened, the doctors understood that the accident hurted Hanna’s head including her ability to communicate in English; however, she knew the German her first oral language which she learned when she was so young.


The confused about this, that Hannah Jenkins asked her sister why no one is talking English with her. But her sister said: “They are, Hannah.”

The cycle accident effected some parts of the brain ( the frontal and temporal lobes) which are involved in speech and language, she forget how to talk and understand English. Then she had a problem in communicating with her boyfriend who talk English only. But Hannah Jenkins didn’t give up. She began again to learn English and continued her life as a new person.

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