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The Portuguese protest against the occupation of their cities and homes by tourists

The Portuguese protest against the occupation of their cities and homes by tourists

The inhabitants of the cities of Porto and Lisbon in Portugal demand the right to live in their cities, where they suffer from the constant pressure of tourism. The proportion of tourists per resident currently in these two cities exceeds those in London and Barcelona.
The boom in tourism and the rise in the number of visitors to rent more apartments for tourists, with a 20% increase in rents, forcing some locals to leave their homes.

“They’re taking everything from us,” said Porto Magalhaes, a Porto resident. “Everything, not only from us, but also from Porto, from my children, what can we do?” I do not know why a tourist who comes for only five days is more important than me and my children.

Paula lived in an apartment with her partner and her three children when the landlord raised the apartment rent by 25%. Now she lives with her partner and her children in her father’s one-bedroom house and one living room for seven people.

“And what if this real estate bubble does not explode? If I can not pay 600 euros for rent, because I only earn € 585. How am I supposed to leave my parents’ house with three children?”

To make things worse, Paola’s parents are now awaiting expulsion. In an effort to stop this, Paola joined the Porto population, an association that fights against home renovation.

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