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The Weight Of Children Must Be Measured Till 18 Or…

Recently, a report was made in the UK proved that the country is having major health problems like obesity, mental health and infant deaths in bigger proportions than many other neighborhood countries. However, these problem can be controlled by taking care and measuring the weight of children and their body mass index (BMI) every year.

This report provide a long-term plan and

important tips to save England’s kid before it is too late as the predictions says that these health problems will be even more massive by 2030 .

The Report’s Highlights


In England, the weight of the children and their BMI is measured at primary school till they become 10-11 years old, but this is not enough as this procedure must continue till they become 18 in order to watch the signs and halt obesity as soon as possible.

ages of 10 and 11, but not after that.

The Report’s Recommendations

To halt obesity and kid’s death, this report study the reasons and offer some recommendations, like:

– Include the children from 5 to 8 years old in the current asthma register.

– Record the weight of children from 2 to 18 years old as well as their height and BMI every year.
– Make the child’s health record available online.
– Provide wider knowledge for people to know more about their children’s health and how to enhance it.

– Provide more funding for organizations which offer physical and mental health services and keep an eye on how they spend it.
– Develop new health strategies and diets for children and adults in England.

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