Vegetarian Meat are Salter Than Saltwater

Many people tends to eat meat-free products to avoid the big amounts of salt; however, the last studies tested meat-free products including sauces, mince, burgers, etc… and found that they have big amounts of salt which exceed the the recommended salt levels

Unfortunately, Action on Salt, in their studies, found that  28% of the 157 meat substitute products don’t go by Public Health England rules. Additionally, some of these meat-free products are even saltier than Atlantic seawater.

After getting the results, Action on Salt called Public Health England to solve the problem. So PHE will take all the steps to deal with these companies and they are requested to comment on the findings and why they don’t meet its voluntary targets.

Action on Salt, only three were low in salt.

According to the Action on Salt studies, Tofurky’s Deli Slices Hickory Smoked is the saltiest product (3.5g/100g) then come Tesco’s Meat Free Bacon Style Rashers ( 3.2g/100g).

On the other hand, saltwater has 2.5g of salt/ 100g.

A lot of people are tending to meat-free products, but the manufacturers of those products must ensure that these alternatives contain less salt than their meat equivalents. Thanks to the companies which review all the products annually, people.in England will get  meat-free products with less salt in the future.

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